Comet Solution is the brain child of 2 highly motivated, intellectual and experienced professional persons from the deprived community of Pakistan, named as Mr. Ali Bux Dahri and Mr. Pharero.  Both are self excelled in their respective fields and achieved milestones in their lives.

The concept of Comet Solution is to motivate students from all walks of life to achieve their goals and objective of higher education by providing a simple and unique platform, keeping in mind the provision of quality of education.  Comet Solution is the dedicated online platform designed with the blend of modern technologies and experience of professionals and innovators.

This online platform is to bestow the students anywhere, anytime with all types of solutions.  It will overcome all the hindrances and difficulties of students by engaging and using extensive resources including best practice materials, leading-edge instructions and expert guidance. 

Comet Solution services based on integrated IT infrastructure and learning environment. It also seeks to support the teaching staff to develop e-courses and learning units by making use of the modern e-learning methods and techniques, as well as academic accreditation. Besides, it helps reduce the time necessary for developing the programs and providing integrated services and solutions in this field. Other objectives include: ensuring access to the content through the educational store, setting a mechanism to develop the content of the e-courses, encouraging teamwork in developing the programs, and assuring quality through the continuous evaluation and updating of the e-courses.