Director1:  Mr. Ali Bux Dahri

Mr. Ali is a qualified and experienced finance professional (FCMA) with proven ability to manage teams of professionals in competitive business environment. Strong technical and business qualification, with an impressive track record of 25+ years post qualification of hands-on experience. Highly astute, energetic, team spirited and able to perform well in numerous financial roles with a strong work ethic.  Interested in a career path with heavy analytical duties and responsibilities, requiring expertise in performing high-end financial analysis, preparing budget and financial accounts.

He started his career with ‘The Best Western Plaza Hotel Karachi’ in 1996, and later worked in garment, textile, manufacturing, real estate development and consultancy sectors at senior management positions.

Currently works as a Managing Partner with Capital Round Accounting and Bookkeeping Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

He is a passionate person for education and  decided to dedicate his experience and time in the field of education by opening an Comet Solution Online Learning Portal.

Director 2: Mr. Pharero

Mr. Abdul Sattar Ishaqani

Professionalism and commitment with a visionary leadership approach are key abilities of Abdul Sattar Ishaqani.  He joined the textile sector in 2000 with Olympia Fabric (Pvt) Limited as a General Manager.  During his tenure, this organization took a huge leap ahead from sizing to become an integrated manufacturing unit.  Olympia Fabric become one of the export oriented platform to supply greige fabric and then opened his owned brand with the name of Shamrafs which is still famous in textile sector.  With the establishment of new departments, digital printing, multi-head and multi-needle embroideries, he protects the Shamrafs unique designs and reduced the market dependencies, hence increasing the profit. 

When he joined SU & Co., they were in the phase of installation of digital printing setup.  He contributed by establishing the quality parameters to make the brand name SANIA MASKYTIA a world famous.  He curtailed the 70% outsourcing expenses by making in house facility of color fastness and yield depth and natural lustiness of fabric.

Before coming in the Textile Sector he completed his Masters in Statistics from University of Karachi.  He joined the American Firm named as Bristol-Myers Squibb immediately after the completion of his education and started his professional career, in 1994. 

Abdul Sattar Ishaqani is utilizing his vast experience and expertise of management and leadership qualities, marketing and quality standards for the development of Business.